The future for The Show (Thoughts) i8


We all know that by the end of this year PS5 and Xbox series x will be here and yes MLB The Show will be coming to diffrent platforms Xbox, Nintendo Switch and I hope they can deliver with more add on stuff for MLB The Show for the next game consoles

  • have more commentators I know Matt vasgersian been there since 06 and is still going strong and I like Matt. But it would be great if they had diffrent commentors for diffrent themes Example: MLB Network, Matt Vasgersian, Dan Plesac, Mark DeRosa,
    And for Theme 1, Theme 2, Theme 3 ect have diffrent commentors it will make a franchise run smoother in my book list of former commentators in the game they should bring back
    Dave Campbell, Rex Hudler, Eric Karros, Steve Lyons, Harold Reynolds

  • Have diffrent on field reporters adding Heidi Watney was good and talking about the game they don't have to be well named reporters diffrent reporters per themes will be fine.

  • Yankees no beard policy: I'm a yankees fan and MLB The Show should've already figured this out by now they should let us remove facial hair from players (ONLY) if Signed or traded to the yankees for example this feature only works if you're in the yankees if you're in the Rockies, Dodgers, Cardinals, Mets, ect it won't work

  • Managers ejections I've played MLB The show since 06 and calle me a liar I haven't seen an ejection at all.

  • Team Brawls: last time I seen this was MVP Baseball for EA Sports I can't believe I brought that name up in this forums sorry. But that would be cool to have and I say it would spark a rivalry in the future.

  • Create You're own stadium/Park: now that MLB the Show 20 is giving us the tools to Relocate and brand a team I hope this is a build for something like that and give us the tools to build our Stadium/Park from the ground up

There is plenty of more ideas if you have any let me know what you would like to see for the future of MLB The Show.


"Team Brawls:" They asked MLB to let them do it and they said no.


The last thing we need is Harold Reynolds back on commentary


Here's the perfect future for The Show going forward, its good they're making it for other consoles and more importantly they should make it for the PC. With PC we can mod the hell out of it, put proper ads on the stadiums, create all Minor League and Spring Training stadiums, support for Ultrawide Resolutions...I'm at a point with gaming that I wouldn't even touch 16:9 unless I have no other choice, The Show 2019 and 2020 being that exception. Once you start playing 21:9 games 16:9 seems so cluttered and claustrophobic....almost like going back to 4:3. As for the original poster wanting better commentary, holly [censored], commentary in sporting games is the dumbest thing ever, its not needed and its a big distraction. Instead use that money you would pay Matt, Dan, and Mark and use it to hire more people to polish the game better. Like give us more options such as getting rid of the [censored] homerun cam!! We've complained about it the past 3 years and it still hasn't been done for 2020. Allow the option to turn off Heidi interpreting my game every 3 innings, I'm here to play baseball not watch a baseball game and please bring back the Stride Timing in Pure Analog Stride. Okay that's my 2 cents, carry on :).