Is Honus Wagner not good?


Oh and I have Honus on the bench with Cobb.. Between the 2 they can play anywhere, steal anything, contact hit in a pinch Cobb can even do a little wet work for you on the side.


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I'm probably in the minority here, but last year I didn't really love Honus. He was good, but I never found him to be great. There also weren't a ton of great SS options last year so his speed, defense and bat made him the best option aside from maybe a CAP. In my opinion his greatest asset was his versatility because he could play everywhere aside from catcher.

This year there's so many great SS options that Honus kind of gets lost in the mix. Most players by now have the free 99 Tatis, and the 250k price tag that Honus brings is likely just not worth it to a lot of people - myself included.

As a bench bat I suppose he's pretty useful, but when you compare him to the other 2 bosses (Foxx and Jansen) and look at his cost against free 99's like J-Ram, Mondesi, and Turner (who all have the same versatility and are arguably better cards) there's likely not going to be a lot of people who choose Honus, regardless of how you felt about him last year.

TBF J-Ram isn't "free", selling off the Topps Now cards that it requires to get him would probably be pretty close to "break even" if you bought Honus with those stubs

He doesn't cost you anything if you get all the packs from moments. Yes you can sell those cards, but there's no upfront cost.

That's like saying "I won a free Corvette, but it's not free because I could sell it for 50k." You won a Corvette, what you choose to do with it is irrelevant.

Sure but selling these cards and then buying Honus , you could also get Honus for "free"