I have a SP that his BB/9 is 53 and the cap is 54. It is the only attribute that is that close to the cap. Everything else is 10-20 points from the cap. When I get the attribute/cap increase opportunity I can not get a cap increase for BB/9. I will get other things I don't need. If these idiots at SDS are going to have theses stupid caps then give me the increases I need instead of stuff I don't need. I have been playing RTTS since 2009 and ever since they went to this archetype and cap format it has been a disaster. I am really getting fed up with their total disregard for the customers and making things that either aren't finished or don't work properly. So SDS are you seeing this? If you are than read this get your heads out of your backsides and fix this game so it works for us.