The greatest classic sports game of all time.. We've all been waiting so long for a newer one to pop up somewhere... Well, I finally took matters into my own hands and started my own project to bring a new version of it the best way I could (and will continue this for years and hopefully build up a group of fans of the game to enjoy and get to know each other). After 2 months of research, creation and editing EVERYTHING possible, I just finished it. The result? A custom, in-depth Humongous Melonheads franchise on MLB The Show 20. I put so much time into getting the players, ratings, equipment and jerseys exactly how I wanted (and even read several articles to help shape how the community viewed the players). I will be streaming a lot of the series. Opening Day coming soon! (The plan is to get super into it with a group of others and to do this for years) ⚾💪

I've always loved MLB The Show franchise mode and gotten super in-depth with it (including custom settings and sliders. We will have no flyball indicator for the Backyard Baseball series!)
I've always done a lot of reading on here but haven't posted. Finally decided to go for it and start the series on YouTube. Have gotten to meet some neat baseball fans through it and hope that continues!