I’ve been playing since the game came out, and of course, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t passionate about it. For all of the additions over the years, it’s the fixes (or lack thereof) that get to me. I mainly play RTTS, so here’s my list, and I’m interested in hearing other players’ thoughts on this:

  1. The stadium announcer sounds like he’s in the next room being smothered by a pillow. If it’s a first person perspective as me, the player, shouldn’t it be louder?

  2. The crowd noise is utterly underwhelming, and always has been, with very little in the way of improvements the last few years. Game winning hit? Meh. Walk off bomb? Extra meh. Audio is such an important part of immersion, so it’s such a head scratcher to me that this isn’t improved substantially. Don’t believe me? Ever hear a song and you’re immediately brought back to a specific memory from a long time ago?

  3. The camera shift as I run to first or around the bases is just nauseating. I have to immediately hold L2 to have a good view. Why not make it an option to use the ordinary gameplay cameras in RTTS? I get that it’s supposed to be first person, but there are simply some things that can’t be replicated.

  4. Batting view. I’m sure a ton of people like the fish eye view as I’ve seen nearly everywhere, but it’s not realistic at all. I want to feel like Aroldis Chapman at 6’5” is breathing down my neck. Instead, even with the retro view, he’s a mile away and the center fielder is just a few moving pixels in the distance. Create a view that brings everything closer. While we’re at it, I’d like to be able to turn off the ball glow when hitting. It’s not easy hitting 96 with pitch speed sliders maxed, and that goes a little further with realism.

  5. Frame rates are exceptionally bad in the majority of scenes. I’m not a programmer, but can this be cleaned up?

  6. Lastly, the camera light blowout effect is just too much. It’s been better since they introduced it, but the pitcher is so dark it’s legitimately hard to see. Having played high level baseball with a lot of dusk and night games, it’s not even close. Yes, it happens with a camera, but why add it so much that it makes it hard to see? It simply isn’t like that in real life, or certainly not to this degree.

That’s my list. While we seem to be able to make friends on a fictional baseball field and watch our player bench press using our controller, these things are lacking and it’s inexplicable after so long, especially given the new “features” that have come out. There will always be differing opinions on what should or should not be put in the game, but given the lack of other viable options, it would be nice to clean some things up.

Thanks for reading. Had to get it out somewhere as my wife could not care less.