Intentional walk strategy for beginners


This is from an RTTS game where I was set to be the losing pitcher up until the 8th, where a lead-off double is followed by an IBB and then four runs.

I’ve been doing pretty well all season heading into August (2027), being the 4th best pitcher in the AL, leading in WHIP and second in ERA and wins. Contrast to the 2026 season, my first as an MLB starter (was four years as closer), in which I was awful. This IBB makes me wonder (as I often do but rarely look at the game log afterwards) if the game’s final innings were balanced to achieve a predetermined result of me not getting a loss.

Looking to be educated here. Would a manager ever intentionally walk a batter in the 8th inning with 0 outs, a runner on second and a 3 run lead?


No.its never a good idea to add baserunners in close games.
Listen to the commentary though, they mention it on every extra base hit, and a bunch more situations that make no sense.
walk a guy to load bases with less 2 outs to set a 2BP or force at home- 50/50, put a runner in scoring position to set up a double play possibility- almost never.
If they walked just half of the batters that commentary talks about pitch around/ibb, or the times it pops up as a manager "hint", there would be 15 walks per game if not more.