Why does SDS have 15-30 minute streams revealing Topps Now content and roster updates and then not have a stream for a major release like the Trout collection?

For anyone that hasn't completed the collection, when you click on the "Trout" collection. In the top left, does it tell you anything in regards to collect 15 out of the 18 vouchers or does it just say X/15?

Cover, Gold Prospects, Prestige, Monthly Rewards, and possibly Topps Now all dropped the same time that the Trout collection dropped. I think this was either shortsighted in terms of folks not locking in more items than were needed. Or, it was intentional knowing people might be inclined to lock in some more expensive items by mistake.

For me, I was more disappointed in how this collection was handled than who the reward was. I would feel much better about playing with 99 Mike Trout if I hadn't paid for two of him.