Crowd Intensity


One of the things that can be very underwhelming is the fans. I compared a real-life basbeall crowd reaction and The Show crowd reaction and from what I have experienced is that The Show is way behind.

MLB The Show 20 home run comp.:

MLB Version home run comp:

The away team home runs, The Show got the disappointment expression down. But, The Show lacks more enthusiasm from the home fans when there is a home run hit or even clutch play. Fan reactions should be very very similar to a real life baseball game.

MLB Clutch plays:

MLB The Show version of clutch play:

The following is recommended to either patch or added to next title:

  • Crowd intensity should play a factor and affect the home and away teams.

  • Fan reaction enhanced in clutch moments.

  • Fan reaction is a little louder in perfect games and no-hitters.


  • When a home team makes a diving catch or an over the wall catch, home fans should have a sudden reaction of excitement and enthusiasm.

  • When the home team makes a very clutch play at the plate, a sudden reaction of excitement should burst.

  • When a walk-off home run happens, the fans should be louder than what it is now in The Show and very similar to a walk-off reaction in real life.

Can't think of anything else. Does anybody else have any input?


I’ve observed this as well and would like to see better crowd AI reactions to these situations. In Franchise mode when you see a sparse crowd the reactions should be less intense than a packed house.
Also to take it a step further we should have an option to select crowd intensity for our home ballparks in Franchise mode. There definitely is a difference in atmosphere when playing in places like New York and Philly vs less passionate locales. Also we should hear the difference in crowd intensity between playing in the minors vs the big leagues in RTTS.