I have a feeling that they are going to offer options about how to complete this collection tmrw. I think that everyone must collect prime, dig, awards, veteran, breakout, rookie, postseason, and all star cards. Since everyone who plays offline will complain about the prestige I think they will reward online players who play a lot by making people either collect prestige cards and the offline players will collect the players league, prospects and hr derby. What I’m saying is that if you have more prestige cards collected maybe you won’t have to collect the players league, hr derby, and the prospects. For example if you have 5 prestige cards that is the minimum requirement and u get packs and xp, if you have 15 you don’t need the players league collection, if you have 20 you don’t need the prospect collection, and if you have 25 you don’t need the hr derby collection. This would offer a fair way for everyone to get the card no matter your play style. Please let me know what u think.