Same Old Gold 1 Question


I’m going to reach Gold 1 tomorrow and I’m really unsure who to take.

My lineup currently is:
2B: Sandberg
LF: Eddie
3B: Bohm
1B: Olson
SS: Correa
CF: Kelenic
RF: Robert

I wanted to take Larkin and move Correa to third but Bohm took over that spot. I thought about Posey but I haven’t heard enough good things about him to validate taking out my CAP and Minoso just won’t fit in my lineup all of the positions he fills are taken by guys I’m not sure he can replace. I guess I could take Reggie to fill in Eddie’s spot, but I hate bad outfield defense so idk. Anyone have any thoughts?


I'm in the same boat. I hit Gold 1 about four days ago and STILL haven't made my pick. Was just going to go Larkin, but Posey makes the most sense for my lineup.
I took Reggie the first time.
Now I think it doesn't really matter for me because I hardly ever play online so I really only use my main DD squad for conquest.

If I were you ... go Reggie.


Same thoughts I’ve had the whole time. They did a really good job with this choice pack lol. But honestly none are perfect, and there all pretty amazing.

I’ve had very few errors with Reggie, even before the patch. Swing is kinda slow but when he touches it it’s always hit hard.

I’ve used the rest quite a bit in the showdown and Posey just seems like he’ll stick the longest if I choose him. I don’t have a cap, but Sanchez is my best hitter online. I don’t know either what to do because when I look at Larkin or GroundballBerg is Posey is still better at almost everything from the C.


There is only one correct answer.